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Higher Sale Price

Staged properties sell on average for 8% more than unstaged properties.

More Viewers

Higher numbers of viewers created due to staged properties making them stand out more online and being more appealing.

Sell Quicker

Staged properties sell on average 3x faster compared to an empty property.

Enhanced Marketing

Photographs on online sales portals will be more attention grabbing when a property is dressed.

UK Estate agents and developers agree that a staged property is likely to sell 3 times quicker than those that are un-staged, and for 8% higher.

The stunning images of your staged property are more likely to be viewed online by more people which is more likely to mean that you will have more potential buyers viewing your property.

Hazel Cardwell

Having tried to sell a beautiful – but empty – flat for over 8 weeks with no luck (which was hard to believe when the market was as buoyant as it was at the time), I decided to try a different approach. I switched estate agency and worked with Home Sale Stagers to stage the flat to show it at its best. What an unbelievable difference it made!

After 8 weeks of little to no interest, I had a sale within 10 days that was FAR in excess of anything that had come my way before. I absolutely believe staging the flat made all the difference, not just for the viewers who could get a ‘feel’ for what it could be like to live in the flat, but also because it allowed the estate agency to take stunning photos and a video. Don’t forget, when a property is empty, all you see are any defects in walls and floors. With the high quality furniture, and beautifully curated pieces chosen to match my colour scheme, the flat came to life and I’m convinced was the difference in achieving my sale.

Chris was a pleasure to work with, completely responsive at all times, including making the time to meet with me at the property when I was back in the area for a very short trip home. You can tell they really know what they’re doing and come at this from a property marketing and sales point of view, rather than just an interior design perspective. I am delighted I chose to work with them, and only wish I’d made the decision sooner. The outlay was negligible in relation to the gain I made on the sale. Superb service.


One of our knowledgeable team will be in touch soon to discuss your property dressing requirements.

Photographs can be provided for remote landlords, developers and other property owners.

Operated by experienced property design professionals, for any property owner.

Our personable, professional and experienced team will work with you to set the stage for a successful sale.

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The Property Framework provides property services to industry professionals and newcomers alike who are looking to maximise their property investment potential.

Home Sale Stagers was formed as an additional service to our clients to ensure they got the best value from the sale of their properties as well as creating an incredible portfolio of work.

We understand the importance of staging and have experienced the benefits of it in varying values of properties. Research shows that by staging, the space becomes more desirable making for a quicker and likely higher sale.

Property buyers prefer viewing dressed rooms to inspirationally see the potential of what they could do with the space. Our personable, professional and experienced team will work with you to set the stage for a successful sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost?

Please contact us for a quote bespoke to your property and it’s needs.

Do I need to collect the furniture?

No, as part of The Home Sale Stagers service we arrange for furniture to be delivered to your property

How do I know where to place the furniture?

As part of our service, we dress your property for sale – we are experienced and passionate about making your property look fabulous.

Why would I dress a property for sale?

There are a number of reasons why you would have a property professionally dressed for sale. Dressed properties attract more “clicks” online which leads to more viewings. More viewings gives your property better chance to sell quicker and at a higher price than undressed properties which attract less attention.

Wouldn't I be cheaper just buying my own furniture?

To match our level of furniture and dressings – there is no way buying your own furniture would be cost effective.

How long is the rental period?

The furniture is hired for a period of 6 weeks or whenever you accept an offer on your property, whichever is sooner.