Does home staging really add value?

"Does home staging really add value?"

Does home staging really add value?


“Does home staging really add value?” is probably the question we get asked most frequently at www.homesalestagers.co.uk and trust us when we say – we understand.

We have dressed hundreds of properties for sale, we have seen the results time and time again – it’s what we do. But we appreciate that to a newbie or a sceptic the results of staging may seem too good to be true.

We have linked a great review below that’s well worth a read:


Does home staging really add value?
Does home staging really add value? Yes is the simple answer.









There are a number of factors to take into account which when combined show the true of staging a property for sale.


The listing online, whether it be an estate agent’s website, or an online portal such as Rightmove.co.uk the listing should be as eye catching as possible. Well designed, dressed rooms achieve this.

This carries on to the next important factor – viewers! By creating as many viewers as possible, your estate agent has the best possible chance of bringing you the best offers.


The more viewers you have creates competition which is key.

It’s also important for viewers to be “sold” on your property when they look round.

By staging a property and providing real life space planning, you are removing any “objections” they may have. Whereas an empty property may have “Is the living room big enough for 2 sofas, can it fit a dining table, is the bedroom big enough for a double bed”? These are all typical type objections which are immediately shut down when viewers visit a staged property.

We do understand the concern and why we are asked “Does home staging really add value?” but we have witnessed the results time and time and time again. Home Sale Stagers have helped sell over £20 million worth of property and created a loyal customer base which return to us time and time again.

We are professional, passionate and absolutely knowledgable about setting up properties to sell well, sell fast and sell for best value – add us to your power team!

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