Does staging really work?

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Does staging really work? This is a question we are asked frequently, and for good reason.

Let’s look first of all in the case of a family who are moving house, and have been in their current house for 10 years. The house will be moulded to them. All the furniture will be of their taste, there will be elements all throughout the house that reflect their life – and we wouldn’t expect anything different.

Essentially, the problem that arises here is that “you can’t see the wood for the trees” and essentially fresh eyes are needed.

The super comfy sofa that Mum and Dad love cuddling up on to watch Strictly looks way past it’s best. Some coffee stains on the fabric tell a story it’s been well used (and probably well loved) but it doesn’t start to set the scene of a fresh show home ready for the NEXT owner – and that’s why staging is so important.

However all this is easily resolved with our professional approach.

What’s needed is a clear out. Clean, tidy and professional. We make the most of each properties features. Any negative elements we aim to turn to positives. A small box room for one person may be a perfect office space for another. This is where communicating with the estate agent is key as we can pick up what buyers in the area are looking to see.

Home Sale Stagers essentially start fresh with each property, giving it a stylish and fresh look which creates the wow factor the moment a viewer sees the photographs online or when they step over the threshold.

This article from thisismoney.co.uk , although focussed on London tells the story incredibly well of the effectiveness of property staging.

Does staging really work?

The other element of property staging is from a developer’s eyes. Think of visiting a show home from any major house builder, they would never present a bare showhome, and for good reason. Indeed the big builders have big budgets when it comes to dressing their show homes as they recognise the importance of staging for sale.

It’s clear that property staging is money well spent when it comes to developing property for sale.

At Home Sale Stagers we take everyday properties and transform them in to show homes ready for sale. In turn helping you achieve top sale values and also, selling quickly.

We have some headline stats from the Home Staging Association on our homepage – check them out here www.homesalestagers.co.uk


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