Dress to Sell

Dress to Sell

So you may have heard the term “Dress to Sell” lately, which is exactly what we do at Home Sale Stagers

Dressing property for sale is a tactic used by the major house builders and is an extremely effective way of eliminating the guesswork for potential buyers when viewing, as well as giving the property style, design and personality.

The reason for doing this is simple. Delivering a more appealing property makes selling easier and achieves a higher sale price.

So what does dressing for sale look like?

First of all – we look at each and every property differently with many factors to be aware of.

From furniture, to mirrors, wall art, soft furnishings, lighting and ornaments we provide everything needed to take your property to the next level to blow viewers away the second they walk through the door. You know the phrase “first impressions count”. With selling property it’s absolutely true.

Dress to Sell

So If you are thinking of selling a property then get in touch with us for an informal chat, as experienced developers ourselves at The Property Framework  we are familiar with project budgets, ever changing timelines and the importance of getting the most from each and every sale.

Following a brief chat we would visit the property to measure up and assess what would work best. From then, your installation date is booked and you sit back and let us handle the rest.

Dress to Sell

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