Getting the best from property staging

Getting the best from property staging

Getting the best from property staging

Top tips to ensure you are getting the best from property staging:

  1. Firstly, plan ahead – this means don’t leave it to the last minute. By being ahead gives us time to visit the property, meet with you and pull together a proposal and price to suit.
  2. Ensure your works schedule are on track. If your contractor is falling behind, please notify us as early as possible. This allows us to allocate your inventory to another date. It’s no problem – but we need to know!!
  3. Depending on what your property is or what extent you are going to – discuss with us the finer details. The more we know, the better we can tailor your staging package to create a design that will look amazing. Often it’s the smaller placements that can tie a whole look together. If you want the best look, please talk your plans through with us.
  4. Colours!!! Are we working with completely whitewashed walls and ceilings, do we have feature walls, have you been brave and papered? In order to get the best from staging, sharing these details can make the world of difference – the devil is in the detail!!
  5. Have the property ready for the date agreed. We know, this sounds incredibly simple and obvious but you would be amazed!! To allow us to do our best work staging your property, please ensure it is free from tradesmen, materials and all surfaces are cleaned, ready to take furniture & wall hangings. Applying a finishing layer of plaster on staging day doesn’t make for a great finish!!

Getting the best from property staging with Home Sale Stagers

Remember – we want the same result as you.

HomeSaleStagers.co.uk is geared up to ensure your property sells as best it can. It’s that simple.

By helping you sell your property well, we know our reputation will continue to grow as delivering what we say we can, when we say we can, at a great price point.

Getting the best from property staging works both ways.


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