What do Home Sale Stagers do?

Home Sale Stagers



Watch the ad above for a simple taste of who Home Sale Stagers are and what we do.

Essentially we help people who are selling property achieve 3 main objectives.

  1. When our staging team has finished dressing and setting up the property, photographs and video will present the property in a much better position online than just empty rooms. It also helps show what furniture can fit in the space which buyers often struggle with.
  2. The more attractive online listing will attract more attention leading to more viewers through the door. This gives the property great exposure and creates more demand.
  3. The property sells quicker and for more money – which is the main aim! This is why we are tried and tested.

The industry body actually has released figures that well staged properties achieve 8% higher sales prices, which can be a huge difference!

When you think about it, you never see any of the main house builders present an empty showhome, they always dress the property to show it off and show what can fit in the space Рa crucial part of what Home Sale Stagers bring to the table.


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